Terms & Conditions

Cancellation and Refunds

Passengers canceling a reservation less than 24 Hours (24) before the scheduled pick up time will not receive a refund.

Passengers canceling a reservation more than two Hours (24) before the scheduled pick up time will receive a refund subject to a $5 processing fee which may be waived at the discretion of the company.

Refund will be directly deposited into the account that was used to make the reservation within 72 hours of the request.


Luggage will be loaded and unloaded by the driver. The driver is not responsible for carrying the luggage to or from the vehicle. Special needs must be requested in advance. Subject to the available space, each passenger is allowed two (2) Pieces of luggage. There is no guarantee that there will be sufficient space available for excessive luggage, unusual size boxes, packages, trunks, skis, golf bags, etc. Passengers must notify CFC Ride in advance to accommodate excess or oversized luggage.

CFC Ride

CFC Ride assumes no liability for luggage or its contents, or items requiring special handling. Items left at the curb, lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen are the sole responsibility of the passenger unless the Driver specially committed any of the above acts. Passengers are advised to obtain insurance to cover such possibilities.


CFC Ride is not liable for damages of any kind when there are delays. CFC Ride strives to be on time but has no control over traffic, other passengers, weather or acts of God. The customer is advised to make a reservation well in advance of their flight time to avoid missing a flight if the coach is unavoidably late to DIA. CFC Ride assumes no liability for items left in the vehicle. All items found by CFC Ride’s members, will be kept at the main office for a period of one year and may be claimed at any time during that year. Customers are advised to call the company immediately upon realizing that an item has been lost. The Company will make all reasonable efforts to locate the lost item(s) and return it to the costumer. The Company makes no guarantee or assurance that such lost items are or ever were in its possession.


All Claims for lost or damaged articles must be reported to the Company, in writing, within 30 days of reservation. The claim must specify the date and time of travel, name of passenger and description of item(s) lost or damaged.

Passenger Restrictions

The Company reserves the right to refuse service to any individual who is behaving in a manner considered to be offensive in the sole discretion of the driver. Such refusal shall not be based on religious, ethnic or any other discriminatory characteristic prohibited by law. Smoking is expressly prohibited on any Company owned vehicle or premise.

Prohibited Articles

The Company will not transport any item prohibited by law or regulations, or, any items(s) that, in the sole opinion of the Company are dangerous to the health and safety of the Company or any passenger.


Only seeing-eye dogs trained to assist the hearing impaired will be transported when traveling with their handlers. Other animals will not be transported unless they are in a suitable pet carrier. The Company assumes no liability for injury or loss neither to any animal nor for injury or loss caused by the action of any animal.


The Company employs the use of 3-6 passenger vehicles. The Company reserves the right to offer service in any of its vehicles and employ other vehicles in an emergency situation.